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Join the global meditation of 21th of June
to raise the energy in yourselves and on the planet

During the summer solstice of June 21 the sun reaches, from the point of view planet earth, its most northern position. On the northern half ground we enjoy the longest day of the year and summer starts. After that the sun moves to the south and the days gradually will be shorter.
The solstice is an important moment in the middle of our year cycle of the seasons and it is also known as midsummer.
The divine sun expresses its greatest power to be received by The Goddess and her land. All over the world midsummer is the fest of the shortest night of the year. People celebrate it all night with dancing, singing and feasting around the fire. ... In the morning they receive the first sunrays ritually.

Special of this year is that we are in a middle massive energy transformation, where the newest and highest vibrations of light and love through the sun come to us and give us an opportunity to awaken our multi universal consciousness.
We're going globally, galactic and in the multi universe to a heightened state of love Oneness consciousness.
The heart, as the seat of the soul and a spark of light is always connected in a ray of light with the Divine source.

During the time of the summer solstice we can experience though our contact with the sun a reconnection with the highest vibrations of Light and Love of the Divine source.

Let's open our hands and our heart to receive these rays in a golden light.

The time around the solstice is an invitation to receive the cosmic cycle and
the sun rays that are filled with the highest vibrations of Divine love,
in your soul, in your pores and to receive it in your whole body:
Enjoy it!

I invite you to join us in meditation with the spirit of the sun from a special place or from your home during this summer.
This solstice meditation can always be done to reconnect with the Divine source of love and light through the sun.


You are very welcome to join this light activation.

Click here to listen to the Solar Activation and Meditation
In this meditation we connect with The Golden Solar Disk in
the Solar Inca Temple Coricancha in Cusco, Peru.

All thoughts of love are valuable.

You are welcome to join!
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in Light and Love,

Patries van Elsen

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