A call to the heart of the Earth


By Cristián Sánchez Barros

The paintings that Patries van Elsen shows us this time are the result of a long journey in search of a lost ancient knowledge, during which she obeyed a clear inner voice that took her across golden deserts and through dense forests in her quest for the immeasurable greatness of the Andes. This road allows her to discover the real heart of the original America, a heart that is still alive among her people and in the most sacred and secret places on the Continent.

With her own light she succeeds in moulding the sounds she has heard into colors and nuances that give body and movement to the whole.

Among the many symbols, the human figure and nature know each other, interlacing and coming together in perfect and unique harmony, a harmony that the modern world is searching ever more urgently, which the paintings of this original Dutch artist now show to be a tangible reality.