Recommendations of the spiritual journeys
to Peru and Bolivia
with Patries van Elsen


"What really makes this tour so special is the connection that Patries, as a person and as a spiritual being, has with the Inca temples, the ancient ceremonial places and other mystical places in Peru and Bolivia. And in even a wider aspect her connection with the earth and the universe.

In her honest and respectful relationship with nature and spirit, she connects participants with the sacred places that we visited and creates the conditions to experience and feel a deeper awareness of our existence
and the Spirit of the Earth.

For her, every body has his own speed and own personal experience and all that is very valuable to her.
Listening to her knowledge and experience with earth healing, while feeling her deep connection with To Be gives you much more than a spiritual journey can offer.
The ceremonial spots were sometimes not logically the places that you would think. Patries led us always directly to key places. It was so wonderful and magical to sit there and experience the silent meditation or the ceremony.
On the other hand at busy locations, we were sometimes mysteriously enough only ones.

All these beautiful impressions and profound mystical experiences are still resonating inside of me."

Anneke D.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"Thank you Patries for a truly magical experience to be stored in my heart forever!
I also thank you for your care and attention to detail to provide the most wonderful cosmic adventure facilitating more healing for our beloved Mother Earth Pachamama!"

Madeleine Walker UK

“Patries has organized a trip to Peru during 3 weeks to visit spiritual places in Peru and Bolivia.
The journey was organized very professional and everything was on schedule. Patries is very involved with everybody and at the same time gives everybody the space they need.
So for an unforgettable trip, spiritual development and a lot of joy, this is the place to be!”

Nico B.
Ermelo, the Netherlands


"The journey was wonderful!
I really enjoyed the beautiful country, the spectacular views and above all the impressive mountains.

The hotels were great and also the private transportation between the different locations was excellent:
All my compliments to Patries!
I have had many special experiences at various temples. The meditations were really very pleasant to do and brought me many wonderful experiences. I carry the fondest and most magical memories of the Lake of titicaca in my heart: Lemuria felt really very close.

Now back home I often muse about the lots of wonderful experiences,
it brought me closer to Who I Am and my destiny that brought me to earth."

Ineke V.
Schoorl, the Netherlands


"Thank you Patries, for all the spiritual guidance on this journey through Peru and through our souls ... It appeared to me to be a life's journey ...
The depth, intensity, the spiritual content of the country, its history and its people made it impossible not to be touched deeply into your soul ...
My unprocessed soul pains were healed with the support of the love of the travel companions,
I feel again merged into a stronger and deeper Being Whole, ready to share my love for Mother Earth to All Relations.

It really was not just the journey of my life, but honestly my life's journey ..."

Joris P.
Turnhout, Belgium


"Our experience in Peru, was awesome. Patries as a guide with all her peace and wisdom filled us with unique experiences and moments.
In harmony with nature, we performed mystical ceremonies and we had the opportunity to receive beautiful messages full of life lessons.
She is a wonderful person and I am very grateful to life that I shared this journey with her. "

Cristina S.
Bogotà, Colombia


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