Patries van Elsen

is a visual artist, writer, lightworker and spiritual coach.

She has been doing lightwork all over the planet for more than 25 years. She graduated cum laude from the Royal Academy of Visual Art in The Hague, in The Netherlands.
Her work is a bridge of love and light between different worlds and dimensions.

Her work is a bridge between different worlds.

When she is creating she connects the spiritual world with the visible material world.
And this for her is the very essence of what she does. Not just her work, but of her very existence.
This essence takes her to the spiritual places where this connection is tangibly present.

Over the years this inspired her to do lunar and solar-ceremonies at "New Grange" in Ireland,
at "Carnac" in France, in
"Paititi" deep in the jungle of Peru
and at Lago Titicaca in Bolivia. During these ceremonies she works together with people of different cultures.

Inspired by her "dream" she organizes adventureous trips to mystic areas like
the steaming hotpots of Iceland, the labyrinth of the chatedral of Chartres,
the fields of menhirs in Carnac, Glastonbury in England, the piramids in Egypt and
the oldest Inca temples in the Andes.


Recommendations of the spiritual journeys to Peru/Bolivia with Patries van Elsen

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Heart of The Heart
Pusharo, Peru

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