The Magical Path of the Heart

In this book, Patries van Elsen describes the fascinating manner, which magical ways and gates open when you listen to your heart.

This personal, true story takes you on a journey to holy places in England, the Vatican City, Colombia, Bolivia and finally, Peru - to the residences of the Masters of The White Brotherhood. Due to the book's smooth personal tone, it is as if you are experiencing this remarkable adventure yourself.

The story begins at a fireplace in Amsterdam, where the Egyptian God Anubis appears to Patries. Anubis speaks of energy work that has to be done in a Sun Temple, high in the mountains of the Andes. No matter how bizarre the message is, Patries is compelled to listen to her heart and follows the instructions she has received. She leaves to South America where a magical adventure unfolds.

During the journey, she makes contact with extraterrestrials and with the Brothers and Sisters of The White Brotherhood. With their love, they guide her into a spiritual world at the rock wall, The Heart of the Heart - there a gate opens for her to Paititi, the new Shamballa of the Andes. The book ends with her physical contact with the Masters of The White Brotherhood in Paititi.

This spellbinding quest is also full of background information about; Lemuria, Stone Henge, the mystical Avalon in Glastonbury, the Golden Sun Discs, the Incas, The Vatican, the Kogis, the Q'ero, the Brothers and Sisters of The White Brotherhood and our star family. Patries also explains the transition of the earth and humanity to higher consciousness and unconditional love.

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"Patries van Elsen's story begins in front of her fireplace in Amsterdam when the Egyptian god Anubis physically appears to Patries and spoke about energy work that has to be done at an ancient Sun Temple near Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes mountains. After three weeks of researching the place and the practical logistics of getting there, she decides to listen to her heart and to follow the messages. Like a tall, blonde, gorgeous Dutch woman version of Indiana Jones, she flies to distant Bolivia where a magical adventure awaits her.

During the journey she begins having contact with extraterrestrials, along with the Brothers and Sisters of The White Brotherhood. Later they lovingly guide her into a spiritual world at a huge rock wall covered in petroglyphs, called the Heart of the Heart. There an energetic gate opens allowing her to enter Paititi, the mysterious jungle retreat of the Incas. There she describes her physical contact with the Masters of The White Brotherhood of Paititi, and her work with the Golden Sun Discs.

Patries takes you along on many fascinating and harrowing adventures between the years of 2003 through 2018, where you travel to Stonehenge and mystical Avalon in Glastonbury; you will learn more about the Vatican, mystical Lemuria, and the Golden Sun Discs. You will meet the Incas; the Kogis, guardians of ancient sites in Colombia; the Q'eros, believed to be remnants of the Inca priesthood who continue to be guardians of Peru; the legendary Brothers and Sisters of The White Brotherhood; and Mother Gaia, who in South America is revered as Pachamama. Patries shares with you how she practices sacred ceremonies. You will receive much new information about the transitions of earth and humanity towards higher consciousness and unconditional love".

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