Aura Reading with Healing


Aura reading with Healing

In an aura reading I read your aura and the energetic processes in which you are at this moment.
I do this with my eyes closed from a higher dimension where distance and your physical presence does not matter. That's why it can also be done by Skype.

I make a scan of your energy system in your body and aura.
Together we move bloques, bring traumas into light again, heal where ever necessary and balance your energies. This can include soulretrieval.

We make contact with your cosmic destiny, why are you incarnated in this time of transition.

If you want you can ask questions: about whatever for you is important. (Love, work, personal discomforts, past, future ...)
During the reading, a powerful energy transfer takes place to bring more awareness and healing in your personal processes.
This brings balance in your aura, chakras and so in your personal processes.
During the reading we do a channeled meditation which is specifically for your personal situation. We activate this energy transfer together.

The intent of the reading is to bring you more in touch with who you are in essence, so that you in your Light and Love, in the Flow and fun of life can walk your path on planet Earth.

The reading is recorded on MP3.

First session: 125 euro

"The consultation with Patries and her aura reading was a gift of heaven to me!
Answered all my deepest questions, many pieces finally fell into place and I felt very healed.
The healing meditation at the end of the reading (which I can, thanks to the mp3 audio, listen back) always provides new information and put me hard at work!

Impressive, how it is still possible by Skype, like if you are sitting infront of each other in the same room.
I look forward to the monthly meditations!
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! "

The Netherlands.

Painting on canvas inspired on your personal energie field
This can be made on request.

Personal coaching on location, by skype or phone.

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