The importance of growing your conciousness
and being protected in Light and Love,
especially for Lightworkers.


Received by ELYAH ARAM (Patries of Elsen) September 2017, Pisaq, Perú.

.......... During my meditation, I meet a beautiful mythical being in white light in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It is a female Naga, she feels like a queen, because of her royal aura.

She says: "Water moves emotions. The extreme pollution at all levels together with the high sound waves move the water and emotions, especially on planet Earth. It also moves a fluid that humans have in their pineal gland. This fluid gets easily clenched or drawn into a lower astral vibration".
It appears that a black dark gate is open. "That energy moves uncontrollable".
The Naga queen further says: "Stay pure, as pure as water, pure crystal. Focus on being pure. Be alert to purify and protect everything.

The awakening of the true force of the pineal gland is being tested.
Radiate the light from your Christ crystal. This crystal is in the centre of your head. Let it radiate light through your third eye. This keeps your vibration high, light and pure. Attacks on people with higher vibration will increase. Be aware! Everyone is being tested".

Your main focus for now is:
"See everything pure, clear white. Fill every shadow with purity.
At the moment a lot of experiments are done one earth with sound and chemicals which effects humans, nature and the cosmos"

Then a confirmation from Venus follows:
"The Schuman resonance is rising a lot. This also has a direct effect on the pineal gland.
Visualize at the center of your head your pineal gland and place it in bright crystal light.
Protection is Alert!!"

In Light & Love with you,
Anitac (Venus Guide)
PS: Call upon your spiritual work the crystal creatures of the inner earth.

"At the moment a lot of experiments are done on earth
with sound and chemicals which effects humans, nature and the cosmos".

Visualize: At the center of your head, your pineal gland, and put it in clear crystal light.

How do you activate the Christ Crystal ?

Make contact with your heart.
Feel and visualize how the light of your heart shines and falls all around you, creating a golden bol of your Love Light.
Then with your intention of Love you go from your heart to the centre of your head.

Visualize first your Love Light into your pineal gland.
Breathe in Prana energy through your third eye. And ask if the crystal may wake up in the middle of your head.
Visualize a crystal that will shine more and more.
(If you already have this, it will lightend up more.)
This crystal is called The Christ crystal and keeps your vibration high and light in Christ Love and Christ consciousness!

Activate your Christ crystal!