Pelgrimage with Patries van Elsen

Patries van Elsen is artist, healer and spiritual coach.
She studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in the Netherlands.
In 1991 she received the Dutch Award "de Johan en Titia Buningen Brongers Prijs" for her total oeuvre.
She is known for her murals in The Netherlands and Nicaragua.
Many of her works can be found in important international art collections in Holland, France, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and The United States.

She followed spiritual and shamanistic trainings by
Sixto Paz Wells, Ivana Caprioli, Daan van Kampenhout, Wallace Black Elk and Ike West.

International Spritual journeys from Machu Picchu to Lake Tititicaca 2017

Her work is a bridge between different worlds.
When she is creating she connects the spiritual world with the visible material world.
And this for her is the very essence of what she does. Not just in work, but of her very existence.
This essence takes her to the spiritual places where this connection is tangibly present. This is the essence of her work.

Patries always had a fascination for the magical worlds of her dreams. These dreams triggered her curiosity about other realities and so she began studying alchemy, sacred geometry, extraterrestrial worlds and dimensions, indigenous cultures and shamanism,
a spiritual tradition with a very big connection to the Earth, the Pacha Mama.

Inspired by her "dream" she organizes adventurous trips to mystic areas and spiritual places,
where the inter-dimensional connection is tangibly present.

Over the years this inspired her to do lunar and solar-ceremonies at "New Grange" in Ireland,
at "Carnac" in France, in
"Paititi" deep in the jungle of Peru and at Lago Titicaca in Bolivia.
During these ceremonies she works together with people of different cultures.

It is her intention to get more in touch with who we in essence are,
so that we can walk our path in Light and Love with consciousness on Planet Earth.

Hatun Karpay initiacion
with a Paco from Q'eros. (Inca shaman)

On request Patries van Elsen organizes special spiritual tours for small groups.
Patries brings you in contact with Pacha Mama in Ceremonies
in the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.

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