Experience the Magic of the Andes

27th of April - 12th of May 2018
Spiritual journey via Machu Picchu
to The Island of the Moon and The Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca

You can join 1 or 2 weeks

Island of the Moon.

The journey:
While we acclimatize to the altitude of 3400 meters in the Andes, we visit various Inca Temples near Cusco.
After visiting the The Inca Temple of Pisac, we go through the Sacred Valley with its many Inca terraces and stunning views to the forgotten city of the Incas:
Machu Picchu, the magical Crystal City, which lies in the jungle-like area.
The second week we travel to Lake Titicaca,
on the magical island of the Moon we stay overnight.

Hayu Marka
Interdimensional doorway of Aramu Muro

We also visit the Island of the Sun and of course the interdimensional portal Aramu Muro.

As a personal preparation
you have the opportunity,
in the Sacred valley of the Incas, to experience a cremonial offering and initiation of the Q'eros :
The Hatun Karpay initiation rite.

The Hatun Karpay

´The Great Initation´.
A wonderful experience!

This ancient ritual of the Q'ero is a powerful transfer of energy by a Paco (Inca Shaman) to strengthen your mystical relationship with the Divine.
It strengthens your contact with the spirit of Pachamama, the Apus and loving beings of light.
The Paco gives in this wonderful ritual energetically his knowledge on to you.


Spiritual guidance by Patries van Elsen

- Spiritual guidance by Patries van Elsen:
This trip offers an energetic exploration of places of power and Inca temples. Along the way I explain the Inca - and Q'ero's wisdom, its prophecies and symbols, and the changes that the earth is now experiencing in relation to The Andes and its historical link with Lemuria.
In meditation, rituals and ceremonies, I invite you to experience energetically this information in close connection with the energy of the Holy Places of the Andes.

The program provides a balance between the tourist enjoyment and spiritual depth.
Fun and relaxation are paramount, so you can experience the mystique of the Andes with an open heart.
The ceremonies and initiations are always tuned to the group.


spiritual journey through Peru, with 15 hotel accommodations with breakfast:
€ 2437 -.

Early birds discount: inscribtion before the 22 of February 2018:
€ 2215,-.

It is also possible to join only the second week at Lake Titicaca.

Information and registration: info@patriesvanelsen.nl

- "Boleto Turistico" The entrance ticket to the Inca temples, that we visit and some museums.
- All overnight stays and breakfast.
- All train and bus transport.
- Private boat to the Uros Islands (Peru).
- Private boat to the island of the moon and the Island of the Sun (Bolivia).
- Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu.
The Hatun Karpay initiation rite by a Paco.
- Ceremonies, meditations and spiritual guidance by Patries of Elsen.

Not included:
- International - and Domestic flights.
- Your lunch and dinner.
- Extra personal healing or aura reading by Patries of Elsen.
- The trip is based on two or three bed rooms.
- Surcharge for two weeks if you want a single room is 395 euros. (On the island of the moon are only shared rooms possible)
- Travel and medical insurance. (required)

- The intention is to stick to the proposed day to day program: It is always possible that there are because of circumstances any shifts in the program.
- If Patries Elsen by illness or unforeseen circumstances, cannot lead the group, as quickly as possible a replacement guide will be sought.
- Language is English and Dutch. (Patries speak perfectly Spainish)
- If you cancel the trip for any reason whatsoever, the entry fee of 500 euros remains for Patries of Elsen.
- If you cancel after the 21th of February 2018 there is no refund at all.
- Good health is very important. All temples are at a high altitude (3400 meters), where you can quickly be of short breath.
- A good physical condition is necessary.

If you have doubts about your health fitness or your medical conditions, discuss this with your doctor, so that he approves that you can do this trip, before you subscribe.

Day to day program on request

Meditating with the Brothers and Sisters of the White Brotherhood
at Lake Titicaca.

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